Cookie Policy

Silvex websites use the use of cookies to provide better use by their visitors, as well as to ensure that it is in full operation.

Silvex’s websites use cookies to provide improved user experience, as well as to ensure the good operation of such websites. This Cookies Policy is part of our Privacy Policy. For more information about us and our way of protecting user information, please check our Privacy Policy. 

What types of cookies are used and why?

 For proper form completion, Silvex uses session cookies that are formed by a randomly-generated identification number that is deleted at the end of the session when users close their browsers.

When pursuing its legitimate interests, Silvex may collect information that may include personal data from your browser when you use our pages. Silvex uses a variety of methods to record such information. Those methods may include (i) IP address; (ii) single cookie identifier, cookies information and whether your device has the software required to access to certain features; (iii) single device identifier and device type; (iv) domain, browser type and language; (v) operating system and system settings; (vi) country and time zone; (vii) webpages visited; (viii) information about interaction with our Webpages, i.e. clicking behaviour, purchases and preferences; and (ix) access times and reference URLs.  

Similar information may also be collected by third parties via their own cookies, plug-ins and widgets when you use our page. Such third parties collect data directly from your browser and collected data are handled according to their own privacy policies. We use cookies and tags to monitor the use of our Webpage by our customers/clients and to learn their  preferences (like country and language selection), which allows us to provide our services and improve online user experience. Also, we use cookies to obtain aggregate data about traffic and interaction in our pages, identify trends and obtain statistics for page improvement. 

Normally, we use three categories of cookies:

Functionality: These cookies are required for webpage basic functions and are always active. They store information when users are browsing our Page that allows us to remember users. Such information can be recorded for one session only or from session to session. These cookies enable the “shopping cart” and “checkout” features and they aid in matters of security pursuant to applicable standards. 

Performance: These cookies allow to enhance webpage functionality by monitoring their use. In some cases, they help to improve order handling speed and allow us to remember your webpage preferences. By not accepting these cookies, users may be subject to less customised recommendations and slow webpage performance. 

Social Media and Advertising: These cookies enable connecting to your social media and sharing our Webpage content via your social media. Advertising cookies (third party cookies) collect information to improve advertising customisation according to your interests, inside and outside Webpages. In some cases, these cookies require the processing of your personal data. By not accepting these cookies, you may watch advertisements that are not relevant to you or you may not be able to connect properly to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media and/or share content on social media. 

[You can change your cookie preferences at any time by accessing “Cookies Settings” at the bottom of our Webpages.]

For more detailed and updated information about all third-parties accessing your browser (via Silvex’s pages or in any other way), we recommend the installation of a plug-in, specific for this purpose, in your browser. In your browser settings, you can activate alerts for each time a cookie is sent or deactivate all cookies. This can be made for every browser and device. As browsers are slightly different, you are encouraged to use the Help Menu in order to understand how to change your cookies settings. You will not have access to certain Webpage improving features and some of our services may not function properly if you deactivate cookies.

Our Webpages allow interaction with a wide variety of other products and digital services. For instance, our Webpages may integrate third-party devices for operation monitoring, social media and other digital services. 

If you choose to connect your account to a third-party device or account, your privacy rights in any third-party platforms will be governed by their own privacy policies. This way, if you share your Silvex activity on a third-party social media, data included on your post will be regulated by such platform policies. 

Our Webpages may provide links to third-party pages for your convenience and information. Those pages have their own alerts and privacy policies in place, and you are strongly encouraged to check them. Silvex is not responsible for the content, use or privacy policies of webpages or applications that are not held or controlled by us.

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