Payment methods



Online shopping security is essential to us and that is why all online shop transactions are made via secure payment systems. 

Our sophisticated fraud prevention and detection mechanisms with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology allow us to encrypt all communications made between our customers/clients’ devices and our server and prevent unwanted data interceptions. Online payment authenticity can be checked online, along with the integrity and security of our customers/clients’ data and identification.

Silvex reserves the right to decline order payments via any transaction considered unlawful. Any and all illegal activities shall be reported to the relevant authorities immediately. 

You may select one of several payment methods at Super Silvex


Visa, Visa Electron, VPay, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic and Maestro. By using your Credit Card, you will be benefiting from the liquidity conditions and payment terms hired with your bank.

Debit Card payments will be made in real time. 

Are credit/debit card payments safe?

All transactions made at the Super Silvex online shop are secure. Confidential payment details are provided directly and are encrypted (SSL) to prevent interception of communications between customers/clients’ devices and our server. 

3D Secure
Payment with 3D Secure cards provides additional security for card holders. When paying with a 3D Secure card, a new window will pop-up where you should enter the code sent by SMS to the card holder’s mobile phone (single use code). The card issuing entity is responsible for this popup page. 

How can I pay using a credit/debit card? 

On your shopping cart screen, on '3. Payment', select the 'VISA / MasterCard' payment option, accept the 'Terms & Conditions' and click on 'Secure Payment'. In the ‘Payment Details’ screen, enter the required card details – Card Number, Validity Date, Security Code and Card Holder. Then, click the button ‘Pay now’.

An error message will appear in your shopping cart screen if your payment is denied. In these cases, we recommend that you try again. If the problem continues, then please contact your bank or credit/debit card issuing entity for more information. 

The corresponding amount will be debited from the customer/client card account once the payment is made. In the event we find ourselves in a position where we must cancel an order in part or in full, we will refund you the corresponding amount within 10 business days.

Transactions shall be visible on customer/client card statement after 3 business days from payment date.

We may request additional information to facilitate payment analysis in order to protect our customers/clients from eventual frauds. If customers/clients fail to reply to our enquiry within 3 business days, orders will be cancelled, and customers/clients will be refunded.

Note: Euro is the payment currency, even when prices are presented in other currencies. Exchange rates may be applied by banking institutions. Silvex is not responsible for this and assumes no liability whatsoever regarding this aspect.


PayPal is one of the top payment methods used worldwide.

How can I pay using my PayPal account?

When checking out, select this payment method on '3. Payment' and then select the 'Secure Payment' option. In the ‘PayPal payment’ screen, enter your PayPal account access details (email and password)

Save data for future PayPal transactions

In case you intend to save your details for future transactions, please select the corresponding option on the ‘3. Payment’ screen. By selecting this option, access to PayPal payment screen will not be required in your future purchases at Super Silvex. In this case, purchase amounts will be debited from your PayPal account automatically.

You are free to unselect this option at any time. To that end, access your PayPal account and go to Profile > My money > My preapproved payments. You will access all you preapproved payments and you may cancel the payment associated with Silvex.  


ATM payments can be made via the ATM network or home banking service.

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