How Silvex is Tackling the Plastic Waste Crisis Head-On

31 May 2021

How Silvex is Tackling the Plastic Waste Crisis Head-On

How Silvex is Tackling the Plastic Waste Crisis Head-On

We are all aware that plastic waste has become an overwhelming pollutant of our planet - lands and oceans. As a plastic manufacturer, you would be totally right to ask what part we play in this story.

The use of plastics is deeply embedded in our daily lives, but we are failing to use it efficiently, wasting a valuable resource that could otherwise be reused many, many times. We make choices every day – what to eat, what to consume and how we do it – all these choices impact the environment.

Even though you may ask to what extent a plastic manufacturer cares about the planet, when they’re adding to the problem, we are here to tell you that we have been investing, for the past decade or so, in innovative solutions and products.

  • We promote Circular Economy by recycling our waste and re-incorporating it in new products, thus using 40% less virgin raw material.
  • We develop alternatives to fossil plastic, by using inert materials in packaging, therefore decreasing the use of petroleum-based materials in 60%.
  • We create up to 100% plant-based material solutions.
  • We manufacture biodegradable and compostable plastics.

With only 18 to 28% of recyclable plastic recovered and recycled in countries like Thailand, the Philippines or Malaysia, most plastic packaging waste is not only left to pollute the environment, littering beaches and roadsides, but its value to these economies is also lost. This needs to change.

Transforming how we use and manage plastic is imperative and we must help countries shift to a circular economy that seeks to design products that create no waste, or are reused and recycled. To catalyse the transition to a circular economy, the private sector needs to advance eco-friendly alternatives to plastic and innovative business models to support its reuse and recycling. As our planet fills with plastic, we are pledging to help create a better future by reusing household and commercial plastic waste.

  • We built a new unit in our complex that is entirely dedicated to plastics circularity. We are currently working with several FMCG suppliers, by receiving their plastic waste and transforming it in new 100% PCR (post-consumer recycled) products.

Rather than adding to the problem, Silvex wants to help create a solution. 

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